Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Cosmetic Dentistry in Fremont, NE

Dr. Justin Gufford and our team live in the real world just like you do, meaning that they know the appearance of your smile is probably just as important to you as its health. We understand that a bright, beautiful smile can be a true source of confidence for someone and can give them that little boost they need to really pursue their goals. One of our favorite parts about practicing dentistry is giving people smiles they never thought they could have, and with our cosmetic treatments, the only limit is their imagination. If you’re ready to have a smile that truly catches eyes and lights up a room, be sure to contact us today. We’re also happy to serve patients from Hooper, NE and the areas surrounding Fremont.


Many people haven’t gotten their teeth straightened simply because they don’t want to get braces. Thankfully, they now have a discreet, comfortable, and reliable solution with Invisalign. Rather than using bulky brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of sleek, clear plastic aligner trays to gradually bring teeth into alignment. They are easily removable, meaning that people can simply take them off whenever they want to eat or brush their teeth. After you have worn all of your trays, you’ll have a perfectly straight smile you’ll be eager to show off.

Metal-Free Restorations

Traditional metal restorations do a fine job of repairing teeth, but they affect one major thing people care about: their appearance. Metal crowns and bridges stick out tremendously in a person’s smile. Whenever Dr. Gufford repairs one of his patient’s teeth, he goes the extra step to make sure it is beautiful as well as functional. In order to do this, he uses all-porcelain restorations. They are just as strong and durable as metal ones, but can be shaded to perfectly match a patient’s other teeth.

Direct Bonding

Small imperfections like cracks and chips can have a big impact on how your smile looks. However, Dr. Gufford can quickly and easily sculpt them away using direct bonding. For this, he will apply a composite resin to your teeth and mold it to improve your tooth’s shape, size, and color. He’ll then harden it with a specialized light, and your new smile will be ready for the world. Even though the treatment is quick, with the proper maintenance, direct bonding can easily last up to 10 years.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a white smile that instantly lights up a room. However, factors such as age, diet, and genetics can cause your teeth to become dull, yellow, and discolored. To turn back the clock and eliminate deep stains, Dr. Gufford can provide you a take-home whitening kit. With one easy visit, he can send you home with a set of customized mouth trays and a powerful bleaching gel. You simply need to use the kit for about 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks to get the full results, but we bet you’ll see a difference after just one treatment.

Digital Imaging

It can be a bit nerve-wracking getting a cosmetic treatment if you’re unsure of what you’ll look like afterward. You want your smile to look better, but it still needs to appear natural and fit with your face. It’s a delicate balance. To help people see what they will look like after treatment, Dr. Gufford uses digital imaging. He’ll take multiple pictures of your smile and place them into sophisticated imaging software so he can manipulate them to show you what your final result will look like. This will allow you to explain to him exactly what you want and let him make any adjustments before you actually start treatment.

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